This POISON GAS ATTACK In San Francisco Today May Be A False Flag Attack By The Feds (4-11-2013)

The Federal Government wants my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team either Silenced or Dead. Make no mistake about this.

Allen Darman


The #1 Suspect In Today’s Poison Gas Attack Is The Mafia The #2 Suspect Is The Federal Government (4-11-2013)

Both the Mafia and the Federal Government Are Guilty here.  The Federal Government is most certainly aware that the Mafia has repeatedly tried to kill both myself and two members of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

Rather than help us, the Federal Government is hoping that the Mafia succeeds.

It seems that the Mafia is not interested in “Switching Sides” to help the American Republic.

Revolution in America is inevitable, and it will succeed. 

If either my Team members or myself is successfully killed by the Mafia, the new Federal Regime in the United States is going to have to immediately fund a multi-billion dollar effort to Purge America of the Influence of the Mafia.

Allen Darman with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.

Samantha Adams Has Initiated A Dialogue With Allen Darman on 2-25-2013* Allen Darman Asks His Fellow Americans To Please Place A Close Internet Watch On The Freedom The Life Of Samantha Adams (2-25-2013)

Posted on February 25, 2013

The Powers that Be are deathly afraid of what Samantha Adams represents, and what she is capable of doing.

The same applies to both Allen Darman individually, and Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team collectively.

The Powers that Be are Between A Rock And A Hard Place at the Moment.  THEY CANNOT LET THINGS UNFOLD AS THEY SHOULD BETWEEN Samantha Adams and Allen Darman and his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team.  They HAVE TO STOP US one way or another.  Stopping us means Either **Jailing One or More of Us** or **Killing One Or More Of Us**.  However, when they Jail and/or Kill Us TOO MANY PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET WILL KNOW.  Our Internet Martyrdom will Slaughter Them.

The Powers that Be have a real dilemma on their hands due to Samantha Adams and Allen Darman and his entire WordPress Collaborative Internet Team being of the Same Heart and Mind.

Someone is very possibly going to end up dead from mysterious causes between now and May 14th.

All of us are Brave Truth Warriors For America.  We will NOT BE INTIMIDATED, And We Will Not Back Up.

The Powers that Be Just Lost To A Handful of Heroes! It is only a Matter of Time before our Corrupt Federal Government Falls, whether We are Alive to See This Or Not!

In an Ideal World,  Samantha Adams, Allen Darman, and his entire WordPress Collaborative Internet Team would **BE WORKING UNDER THE SAME ROOF FROM HERE ON OUT RIGHT UP UNTIL MAY 14th**.

Allen wonders where Samantha Adams is located city and state-wise, and if there is a spare bedroom or two in her apartment or house.

Allen also wants to inform Samantha Adams that his ability to either send or receive both emails and phone calls is limited, and that EVERYTHING he does IN THESE REGARDS is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT MONITORED BY BOTH THE MAFIA AND THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT.

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

What Our WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Stands For

A Three Slice Preview Regarding **An Internet Freedom Woodstock Idea** WordPress Blog That Two Lesbian 420Subs And I Were Intuitively Collaborating Over The Internet On That Was Written In April 2012 (4-10-2012)


My Primary Website Promoting *The July 4th 2012 Revolution* is:

The Above Mentioned Website Contains a *Two Part Face Blog*.

The *Top Part* is *a Frozen Part* (cast in stone) that *Will Not Change*.

The Bottom Part is *a Fluid and Dynamic Part* (it will change, and often on a daily basis) consisting of *Numerous Slices*.

To Repeat Myself a bit because this concept is so Important…

Essentially What I Am Going To Do When I Go From Blog to Blog Creation-wise is…

1. *Work on the *Top Part* of (1) *Any Face Blog* or *Any Initial Blog* to Start a New WordPress Website

2. Work on the *Top Part* (top section of a Face Blog or Initial Blog) until it is done, and then *Freeze It*.

3. Once the *Top Part* is *Frozen*, I will begin *the Bottom Part* (bottom section of a Face Blog or Initial Blog) consisting of *Slices*.

These *Slices* are *Numerous Short Clips* that may spawn blogs of their Own on a later date.

These Slices seem to be a Very Effective Manner to Lead My Country forward *by Painting a Verbal Picture that Makes Sense to the Masses*, and One that Anyone Can Comment On.

If Using this Methodology of *Wordpress Blog Slices* in *Order to Spread* To *All Interested Parties*…

Via the *POWER OF THE INTERNET* In Order to…

(1) Propose, (2) Refine, and (3) then Implement Policy is Not Open Government…

I Do Not Know What Is.

Allen Darman


What Follows are *Three Good Examples* of *Slices*.


*Slice Example #1*:

The Copy Below Was a Result of My Having a Chat Tonight With a Fellow Revolutionary that is a Good Friend of Mine. (Despite our differences sometimes *He was my First Real Supporter*.)

Internet Woodstock 2012 is going to be held on or around our Nation’s Capital on July 4th, 5th, and 6th.

It May Also Be Held in our Nation’s Capital on July 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, etc., etc., etc. Until the Feds Go Down.

Internet Woodstock 2012 is Also Going to Be Held On or Around America’s Fifty State Capitals on July 4th, 5th, and 6th as well.

This is Going to Be *The First Internet Woodstock Ever Held!

I named it *iwood12*.

Washington DC and State by State Details for Internet Woodstock 2012 (iwood12) Will Be Posted Here When I Become Aware of Them.

I Welcome Peoples in Other Lands to Organize and Hold Their Own iwood12 beginning on July 4th as well.

iwood12 seems Like a Good Computer Name for this First Internet Woodstock. (Short, but Sweet.)

We Are Going to Change Human History!

Be There!


*Slice Example #2*:

This is Going to be a Woodstock *On Short Notice* for sure.

Some say *Short Notice* for an event such as this Cannot Happen, for one would need *All Kinds of Permits* and Such.

I say *To Heck with All of the Red Tape and Regulations*.

This is a *Free and Peaceful Gathering* that *Needs to Happen Now* For *Numerous Good Reasons*… and *We Are All Free* (or will soon be as of July 4th).

I already have a Domain Name picked out for this *Internet Woodstock in 2012 idea*. ( I will fill the “X”‘s in soon.) [iwood12 got picked after this was written.]

This *Internet Woodstock in 2012 idea* Will be the Next New Blog that I am working on. (One can expect something solidifying in this regard on WordPress within a few days.)

This Material is Going to Go On *a dot Com Site*. (I am awaiting a small loan so that I can pay the small fee for dot Com vs. dot WordPress dot Com.)

Even when I do *my first dot Com*, this dot Com Site Will Be Mirrored by Me on dot WordPress dot Com as well. (I owe the folks behind WordPress so much it’s not funny. I want them to be with me on the *Main Stage Platform* when iwood12 Opens… that’s For Sure.)

More on this *Slice* Later Today and/or Tomorrow…


*Slice Example #3:

The copy below is me talking in a Facebook Chat at approx. 10:20 PM on 4/9/2012.

Allen Darman: i survived 20 hit attempts since jan 2010 for real…. holy shit i got lucky enough to topple them with the last blog on wordpress
god is good for sure!
its party time for me!
i am the happiest man alive no shit
as of an hour or so ago… due to my blog [this blog] the feds are done on july 4th

the above blog was this war’s turning point we are WINNING NOW.. IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME 88 DAYS OR SO
Chat Conversation End


My Primary Website Promoting *The July 4th 2012 Revolution* is:


*None* of the Words that I Write Are Copyrighted.  Anyone may use *My Words* and *My Blogs* in Any Manner that They Wish, to Include Sharing Them On Facebook and Twitter.  Allen Darman